Sleep Apnea Appliances

Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) is considered a primary choice of treatment for mild to moderate OSA patients because of its treatment success rate and patient compliance.

Most oral appliances work by repositioning the mandible to advance the tongue in order to create a more accessible airway opening. By preventing the tongue from blocking the passageway, many appliances prove to alleviate snoring and treat sleep apnea. Each appliance has a slightly different way of treating sleep apnea and it is up to the dentist to determine which appliance best suits you and your sleep apnea. Different appliances include:

norad exampleNorad
The NORAD is an FDA cleared oral appliance for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. It is a “boil & bite” appliance which means it can be fit and delivered to a patient immediately without waiting for lab fabrication. This makes it an ideal temporary appliance to use when patients need to undergo dental work or if they’ve lost or damaged their existing appliance. The strong construction of the NORAD will hold up to many months and even years of use making this boil & bite appliance even more versatile.

mas example

Somnodent MAS
This device is worn during sleep to maintain the patency of the upper airway by increasing its dimensions and reducing collapsibility. It is a custom made oral device that is comprised of upper and lower dental plates with a unique patented fin coupling component to maintain mandible protrusion. The fin coupling mechanism enables you to maintain normal mouth opening and closing while wearing the Somnodent MAS.

silencer example

The Silencer Professional
The Silencer® Professional is constructed from acrylic and elastomeric dental materials.  It requires the services of a dental laboratory trained in the fabrication of The Silencer® appliances.  The compact hardware allows the mouth to close during sleep.


tap exampleTAP
TAP appliances fit comfortably in the mouth because of the compact hardware allowing room for the lips to close. TAP III is now made of a nickel-free hardware that is stronger than stainless steel. It can accommodate patients that have class I, II and III bites.


silent-nite exampleSilent Nite
Silent Nite is a custom-fabricated dental device that moves the lower jaw into a forward position, increasing space in the airway tube and reducing air velocity and soft tissue vibration. Special connectors are attached to transparent flexible upper and lower forms. The fit is excellent and comfortable, permitting small movements of the jaw (TMJ) and allowing uninhibited oral breathing.


full-breath exampleFull Breath Solution for Obstructive Apnea
Presently, the Full Breath Solution is fitted on the lower teeth in 98% of the cases, and the tail is used as a depressor. With this design, it lowers the number of times the airway is blocked hourly. The Full Breath Solution allows the air passage to open throughout the night, enabling sufficient oxygen to reach the lungs.


osap exampleOSAP
The OSAP is a full coverage mandibular advancement mouthpiece made of a soft and flexible material to ensure maximum comfort for the patient. The OSAP is custom made, with or without an oral air passage, for optimal effectiveness.


klearway exampleKlearway
Klearway works by keeping the teeth together and holding the lower jaw and tongue forward during sleep to open the airway. Klearway™ possesses excellent retention characteristics designed to keep the appliance in the mouth during all the various complex jaw movements which can occur during sleep.


ema exampleEMA
EMA is formed from a dental impression and the fit is similar to a retainer. It regulates the freedom of mandibular motion, which significantly reduces the occurrence of temporomandibular joint dysfunction and pain. The amount of movement can be adjusted according to the patient’s condition.


oasys exampleOASYS
The OASYS appliance has two core actions, which reduces the upper airway resistance from nose to throat that prevents airway collapse. The device maintains maximum intra-oral volume and allows you to breath through the mouth, if required.


napa example data-id=NAPA
In moderate to severe OSA, 80% of the patients receive positive results with the NAPA. It stabilizes the mandible in protrusion, prevents tongue retraction and increases tonicity of tongue by stretching its muscle.


apm exampleAPM Ultra Positioner
The APM Ultra Positioner is a fully adjustable mandibular repositioning device that provides the maximum in occlusal-vertical support. The APM is excellent for strong-muscled, heavy clenching patients. A protrusive bite is required for the APM.

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