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Many people who have trouble sleeping through the night do not think look for a remedy. Some seek their family physicians advice. Rarely do people resort to their dentists for  a solution to their  sleeplessness.

However Dr. Zahra Afsharzand is a dentist with a specialty in prosthodontics and expertise in sleep disorders. She treats patients with Tempro-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome (TMJ) and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Her prestigious private practice “Cherry Hill Dental Excellence” in New Jersey also consists of two associate dentists and hygienists. Dr. Afsharzand is committed to educate public on the health risk associated with sleep apnea. She also provides treatment solution utilizing Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) to treat this disorder. “We don’t just look at  patient’s teeth,” says Dr. Afsharzand. “We consider the greater issues a patient may have, whether it is underlying medical or health issues. We recognize body as a whole which the patient’s mouth as part of  it and understand that altering one tooth may have an effect on overall health. That leaves us with a lot of responsibility.”

Some are unaware of having sleep apnea because they do not completely awaken from these night episodes. The following days are when they experience the consequences which include morning headaches, drowsiness and insomnia. Reports have shown that some car accidents are caused by drivers falling asleep during the day as a result of  not receiving  adequate rest during the night. Sleep apnea is a potential life threatening disorder but can be treated.

“Sleep apnea is an increasingly common problem. Seeing the clinical signs,  I am able to diagnose sleep apnea and verify a restricted airway by utilizing cephalometric imaging,” explains Dr. Afsharzand .  “Depending on the patency of the airway we are able to help some patients with custom sleep appliances, eliminating the need for a CPAP machine.”

Dr. Afsharzand and other sleep apnea trained dentists can provide you with a customized oral sleep appliance based on the individual. Many people who are already aware of their sleep disorder maybe able to switch from CPAP to  comfort and ease an oral appliance. A CPAP is a large mask attached to a compressor that uses air pressure to keep the airway open. It is often induces claustrophobia and is not very portable. For these reasons, many CPAP users look to dentists for an alternative and receive equally successful results.

Dr. Afsharzand summarizes, “At the heart of all we do is our commitment to excellence in patient care. We are here to do what’s right for our patients with dentistry that exceeds their expectations, along with personal, service-oriented care.” You can obtain more information on sleep apnea or any dental procedures offered by Cherry Hill Dental Excellence by contacting our office.

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